If I had to choose one song that defines me, I’d say it’s “I Love to Laugh” from the Disney movie “Mary Poppins.” I think it might be sacrilegious to edit anything Julie Andrews, but if I could change the lyrics, I would make sure to include laughing, reading, and teaching–although I don’t really know if it would work lyrically or rhythmically.

But I’ve been wanting to do this “blog thing” for a while, and I think now is a perfect time to get started and share what I do. What do I do? Well, my title says I’m a library specialist…but what is a library specialist? I’m still working on that–it would seem that title suggests that I may be a library know-it-all, but I am far from that. I do, however, “specialize” in creating library programs in my library’s youth service department for babies, school-agers, teens, and beyond.

I love sharing and collaborating with others in an effort to make what I have into something even bigger and better. Feel free to share your ideas and comment on the posts…my goal is for this to be a place of laughter and literacy.

UPDATE: So when I first started this blog, I was doing teen and children’s programming. While I still help with programs in both of those areas, my main focus now is strictly literacy and creating ways for my library system to help improve literacy rates in our area. So you might see a slight shift in the subject of my posts.


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