All on Display (part 1)

Here is a collection of displays we have done in the YA Department over the last couple of years. There was definitely a team effort involved as we put these up and found books that fit the theme of each display.



An audio book display. Eventually, we put great audio books on the table.


Here we highlighted new and young YA authors.


The idea was to do a large crossword puzzle–which is much harder than you think. But we also highlighted some of our favorite YA mysteries!


This was from a couple of years ago to celebrate PROM season. I asked staff to submit their prom photos for the display. We had a wide range of years to showcase. The balloons didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I think next time I would use cardboard cutouts (with glitter!) and the streamers. The books all had to do with prom or school dances.


We were trying to push book bundles to get our non-fiction collection in the hands of teens (a very hard task). Some of them were popular, some were not. It was a trian and error display. The display on the window used old puzzle pieces.


To change things up midsummer one year, we did a camping, out door themed display. We used painted styrofoam pieces as the graham crackers and paper marshmallows.


This display was special because of the “dripping” blood handing from the acrylic stands. We used window clings to give the sense that the books were bleeding. And we snagged some caution tape from the maintenance department. (It actually served two purposes–in October we used it for a banned books display.)


This was by far one of the most successful displays we had done. We wrapped random YA books (in a variety of genres) and labelled with a personal ad of sorts (something that would entrigue teens and adults). They were barcoded on the label so no one could see what the actual book was until it was completely checked out. We even added some “pick up lines” to some of the books.


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