Clue: Life-Sized Library Edition


Sorry for the lack of picture…I had already started tearing up the tape when I remembered I wanted to take a picture.

It was spring break for most of the schools in the area last week, so we thought we should plan something to keep the teens busy during the week. My co-worker had been researching life-sized games and found the game of Clue had been very popular over the years at several different libraries, so we decided to create our own version.

We are in a downtown/urban area, so we decided against the idea of murder in our version. There were some really creative ideas like book character Clue, who stole the cake Clue, and this standard Clue or this standard Clue. In the end, we decided to go with “Who Stole the DVD?” Clue.

My co-worker in crime created the playing cards. She chose six locations in our library, six methods of robbery, and six suspects with names like CeeDee Theef and John Ruh. We used clip-art for the cards and made them 8.5 x 11. Another crafty co-worker helped create a larger die to roll around the room out of a cardboard box. And I created the game board out of masking tape with the help of another co-worker. It was a real team effort!

To create the game board, I used a very small version of the original board. Knowing the attention span of the potential teens who would be playing this, I made the rooms only two to four squares apart from one another. One thing I would change would be to make more access doors in the rooms. I only had a short time to put the board together, so I left off secret passages (and, let’s be honest, the rooms were so close, it was a little unnecessary). We played to the original directions and I let the girls who attended play in teams.

What was originally intended to be a teen program turned out to a be family program. All week long, we had large numbers of teens hanging out in the teen department, but of course, when I went to see if anyone was interested, I found only a handful of teens and I just couldn’t get them off the computers–a common issue. I was, however, able to get the attention of a family of girls who seemed interested in playing. They had a good time, but since only one of them was a teen and the others were a little younger, it was harder for the younger ones to understand the game since neither of them had played before.

Have you ever done a life-sized game?


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