Designer Duct Tape

photo 2Over the last couple years, I have learned just how different working in an urban library can be. Not having truly grown up in this area, it was hard to know exactly what these teens would enjoy doing. In fact, it’s still hard to know. Last summer, we started a weekly, and then a bi-weekly, crafting program. Currently, we call it Monday Crafternoons. Simple crafts that don’t involve a lot of prep work, time, or material. (We have a separate art club that meets once a month for more involved projects.)

I love these crafting programs. It gives us a chance to get to know the teens because we usually get about five to six teens to participate. And it’s usually in spurts throughout the hour. The most we will have at one time might be two or three teens. You never know what you will hear from the teens–it’s when you go from library staff/crafter to social worker.

So this week, we did designer duct tape pens. I found the idea here.

photo 4
The teens had a lot of fun. Some of them really went to work methodically placing certain colors of tape in certain places. It only required fun, designer duct tape, inexpensive pens and various colored feathers. The teens figured out how to tear the tape into different widths and roll it around the pens. They needed a little help with the feathers, but most of them were proud of what they created…in their words: My pen is exclusive. And then of course, we had to add the feathers. Even the two boys who came added feathers!photo 1


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