I *mustache* you to read this…


Photo credit: etsy.com

Last year, I put together Marvelous Mustache Day for teens. This year, I put together Marvelous Mustache Day for children. At both events, we had a great time. 

Teens: To advertise, I placed giant posterboard cutouts of mustaches throughout the department.
Children:  I hung a couple giant mustaches on our desk and front table, and I put out books like MoostacheThe Lorax, a book about walruses, Mustache!, and a few others. The display went up a little late, but my plan was to also grab random books throughout the children’s department and place small, paper mustaches on them.  

Teens: I decorated the room with mustache/facial hair trivia and pictures. I also put celebrity photographs on the wall (but I only included their mustaches/facial hair). I included a few books, too (after all, we are a library). 
Children: We played the “I Mustache You a Trivia Question” game…a multiple choice game with imaginary points where each question was worth one million points. Trivia included the length of the longest mustache, pop culture references, photos from the “Identify the Mustache Game” (see below), and other historical mustache related information. Next time, I would make the game a little more hands-on. 

Teens: I had the teens try to identify the celebrity mustaches. I gave them a word bank and they had to figure out who belonged to which picture. I used Snoop Dogg, Santa, Swedish Chef, Cap N Crunch, Charlie Chaplin, Burt Reynolds, Gandalf and about 17 others. I tried to use a combination of fictional, historical, and current photos. I didn’t want to make it too easy, nor did I want to make it to hard. 
Children: After the trivia game, I gave the girls (yes, originally we had all girls come to this event about mustaches–and then I learned that not only are mustaches popular, so are dill pickles) instructions…they could move around to three different stations. Decorating mustache-shaped cookies, playing a mustache matching game, and decorating their very own paper mustache on a stick.  

Teens: When I did this with the teens, we went through the program in a more linear fashion. First we decorated mustaches using a fuzzy/furry fabric. Then we decorated cookies. 

Children and Teens: At the end of both programs, we played “Pin the Mustache on the _______.” For children, we had decorated the refrigerator in the room to look like a snowman, so we played Pin the Mustache on the snowman. For teens, there was a movie poster for Hoot in the room, so we played Pin the Mustache on the Owl.

I love doing this program, and I want to do it again in November and tie it in with No-Shave November. Have you done a mustache program? What did you do?



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