Find Love at the Library

Find Love at the Library

A little inspiration for February. Last year, I did this display. I used ribbon of varying widths to hang hearts. On each heart we listed a popular couple from YA Fiction. On the back of each heart, we listed the book/series from which the characters came, and then we put books on display that fit the topic.

Lady Alexandria and Gavin (The Season)
Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)
Cameron and Jenna (Sweethearts)
Gatsby and Daisy (The Great Gatsby)
Taylor and Jonah (Jellico Road)
Raisa and Han (The Demon King)
Tris and Four (Divergent)
Tally and David (Uglies)
Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games)
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
Harry and Ginny (Harry Potter series)
Bella and Edward (Twilight)
Nick and Norah (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist)
Jace and Clary (Mortal Instruments series)
Dmitri and Rose (Vampire Academy)
Alex and Brittany (Perfect Chemistry)
Macy and Wes (The Truth about Forever)
Ethan and Lena (Beautiful Creatures)
Katsa and Po (Graceling)

I realize some of these could be argued…What about Gale and Katniss or Jacob and Bella? I wanted to stick with the main coupling…it also allows for a friendly debate with the teens on characters and plot. Always an easy way to slide basic literacy/comprehension skills into daily conversation.


2 thoughts on “Find Love at the Library

  1. This is a great display idea! I like that only including one coupling from some of those books will spark discussion about the book. Yes, please debate which couple YOU think should have been on that heart!
    Also, I want to steal your book tree for a tattoo. SO AWESOME.
    Welcome to the blog world! Looking forward to more posts!

    • Thanks for the welcome! And thanks for the awesome comment!

      I’m glad you liked the book tree…it’s a temporary graphic until I can make something a little more me. 🙂

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